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Welcome to the My Plastic Surgeon USA Website of
Dr. Michael Beckenstein!

Practice Philosophy:

A highly skilled and deeply caring Birmingham, Alabama Board Certified Plastic Surgeon also serving Tuscaloosa, Huntsville, Jefferson County and Montgomery, Dr. Michael Beckenstein takes time and special care with each patient in his practice of Abdominoplasty, Breast Augmentation, Breast Reconstruction and other Plastic Surgery Procedures. As can be evidenced from his countless testimonials, his kind manner and attentiveness are matched only by his keen eye and artful hand.

This practice was established by Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. He assembled his staff by selecting nurses, administrators, and technicians that are well experienced in the field of plastic surgery. Each staff member has at least 10 to 15 years experience in this field and has worked for some of the most prestigious plastic surgeons in the Birmingham area. His staff is experienced, compassionate, professional and attentive to each and every patient. With his extensive fellowship training, Dr. Beckenstein has worked in the offices of world renowned plastic surgeons. He has assimilated important aspects of each of these practices into his own, assuring the highest level of quality and professionalism.

From the warm cordial greetings you will receive when you first arrive to the hugs and farewells given when your care is completed, you will be treated with the utmost dignity, compassion, and respect by Dr. Beckenstein and his staff. You will become well educated about the procedure(s) you are interested in. Dr. Beckenstein will spend as much time as it takes to assure you fully understand and are comfortable with your planned surgery and that all your questions are answered beforehand.

A Comprehensive Consultation

We offer a unique COMPREHENSIVE CONSULTATION which is designed to maximize patient education on the procedures we offer. It is provided in various comfortable settings to assure a relaxed, pleasant experience. It is efficiently designed to minimize waiting times during this process. The consultation consists of a multimedia presentation, which includes an extensive and lengthy visit with Dr. Beckenstein. He will thoroughly discuss all the options you might have while addressing your unique situation.

During the same visit, additional time is spent with our staff members who further educate patients on the procedures and our methods of care. You will then speak with our financial consultant who discusses the various fees involved and alternative methods of financing. Our staff will also coordinate accommodations for our out of town patients. The initial consultation is followed up with additional information provided to you through personalized communications. If our patients are not well educated about their procedures and what occurs around their surgery, we have not done our job!

Click here to contact our office and to arrange for your personal, confidential consultation.

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Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D.
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Office Address:
800 Saint Vincent's Dr.
Suite 610
Birmingham, AL 35205
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Dr. Beckenstein has 23 patients available for view in the Before and After Photo Gallery. Click here to visit.
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